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December 12, 1993

Preliminary Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, December 14, 1993


Digital Equipment Corporation
8085 S. Chester
Englewood, CO

Minutes: Merle McCaslin

Jack Crabtree, convened the meeting at 7:30 PM. Board members present were Jack Crabtree, President; Jim Libhart, Vice President; Merle McCaslin, Treasurer.

Merle McCaslin read the Nov. membership meeting's minutes. The minutes were accepted.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report. The treasurer's report was accepted. This month's highlights:

Balance Forward     $ 2076.10 (as of Nov 11, 1993)
Total after Income    2186.10
Total Expenses      -   00.00
Balance             $ 2186.10 (as of Dec 14, 1993)

Committee Reports

Education: Tom Isenberg spoke of plans for the March 11-13, 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo with launch on the prior weekend. He introduced the group from Thunder Ridge school and each member of the group spoke about what they expected to learn and what they needed. They asked for help from EOSS. A motion was made and accepted to support Thunder Ridge's efforts. The Cherry Creek High School presented two possible proposal's

  1. Beta Counter, a function of elevation
  2. An ozone experiment.

Andy Kellett introduced guests (students & teachers) from the Ranum High School's Mathematics Engineering Science Achievements (MESA) group. Ranum students presented a very good first cut of a proposal. They had a summery sheet and a schedule of April 30th for a flight. A motion was made and accepted to continue to work with the Ranum school.

Greg Burnett K0ELM of the Tracking & Recovery team is still planning a T & R meeting. Dan Meyer N0PUF announced that a UHF repeater for use in an airplane is complete and he had the unit at the meeting. This unit is for backup use by the Tracking & Recovery team.

Jim Libhart P.R. had sets of pictures $16.00 a set. Video of last flight not ready.

Mike Manes of the technical committee had 10ghz display and Octagon pitch presented and still waiting on decision of donation of Octagon controller board. Larry Cerney gyro system breadboard is working. Need a decision on package type and size of vain.

Jack Crabtree discussed meeting of the ION group and a possible donation of a GPS board for use in a P.C.. Jack asked for a show of hands for approval of purchase of a GPS board estimated at $400.00. A majority of those in attendance approved the purchase.

Bob Schellorn gave status on the new controller board that hardware is complete and still lots of software to complete. It will handle Loran C or GPS input.

Jack: Ask again for help with a new meeting place. Greg Burnett said H.P. may be possible meeting place.

Jack set up a nominating Committee of Tom Tobiassen, Warren Willians and Larry Cerney.

Jack reported no requirements to make a report to the IRS this year.

Mike Manes passed out survey forms for the dinner in Jan or Feb.

Ann Trudeau said Stratosphere would be out in a few days.

The board of directors has a concern on the bylaw that state dues are payable Jan 1 of each year. We had a lot of new members in the last half of the year right thru Dec. To make it fair the Board is recommending a change to the bylaws to an annual basis.

Jack proposed a By Laws Amendment regarding dues.

The present Bylaw is as follows. Article XIII Section 2 Dues become due and payable January 1 of each year, and will not be prorated for members who join the corporation after the first of the year. No refunds of dues shall be made to any members terminating their membership.

Proposed changed is a follows. Dues become due and payable annually in the month of the anniversary of the initial payment of dues. No refunds of dues shall be made to any members terminating their membership.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:10 PM.

End of minutes

These are preliminary minutes. Send corrections/comments to Merle McCaslin K0YUK