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November 09, 1993

Preliminary Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, November 9, 1993 ====================================================================


Digital Equipment Corporation
8085 S. Chester
Englewood, CO

Minutes: Ted Cline.

Jack Crabtree, convened the meeting at 7:30 PM. Board members present were Jack Crabtree, President; Jim Libhart, Vice President; Merle McCaslin, Treasurer; and Ted Cline, Secretary.

Ted Cline read the October membership meeting's minutes. The minutes were accepted.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report. The treasurer's report was accepted. This month's highlights:

Balance Forward     $ 1,827.10 (as of Oct 12, 1993)
Total after Income    2,172.10
Total Expenses      -    96.00
Balance             $ 2,076.10 (as of Nov 9, 1993)

Committee Reports

Jack Crabtree lead a discussion of the reprinting of Symposium Proceedings. Copy requesters include NASA, Hamfest attendees, and one request from Austria. The question: cheap 8.5x11 inch or quality (like the first printing)? Jim Libhart volunteered to chair a committee to develop several printing options for a membership vote at the December meeting.

Tom Isenberg spoke of plans for the March 11-13, 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo with launch on Saturday, the 12th. EOSS will have their own booth. Meeting with Cherry Creek High School and Thunder Ridge Middle School was on Nov-3-93. Tom guesses $700 cost and is looking for a sponsor. Channel 4 TV + public service announcements before the Expo? Ground station have special requirements? PR emphasis will be on kids involved in project. Concerns: lack of sponsor, and is ground station possible? Ideas to reduce risk: Do launch weekend before?; Control launch from elsewhere (and only monitor flight from site)?

Mike Manes of the technical committee reported his concerns of his analysis of Bob Schellorn's controller: performance, future expansion, keyboard configuration of program, quality of AFSK generation, and dual range A/D altimeter design. Mike would prefer Octagon CPU BASIC language controller, but admits it will require more power (80 mA). Jack proposed tech committee to continue research on Octagon design (requiring $300), while continuing technical analysis of Bob's design. Membership approved the proposal. EOSS may use both circuits together. Next step is to present a pitch to Octagon. Merle stated his preference to go with the existing board from Bob.

Mike Manes presented his 10GHz beacon receiver (made with copper pipe) and told us to read the next Stratosphere for more details.

Paul Turnlund of the Tracking & Recovery team presented the Loran-C and foxhunt summary of the October 16 launch. Paul lead a discussion of the need for field repeaters and backup plans.

Merle McCaslin presented samples of new and old balloons, and had a sample of a possible shuttle insulation material.

Rick von Glahn of the Ground Station committee went over sources of October 16 launch ground station equipment. Rick presented some "surprising" launch images.

Jim Libhart of Public Relations presented photo albums of Symposium, including his choices for Symposium photo packages. Jim hoped the overall Symposium video would be available for sale at next meeting.

New Business

Jack announced his GPS proposal would be in the next Stratosphere.

Jack proposed an appreciation dinner in January or February. This would coincide nicely with EOSS's third anniversary. Paul Turnlund volunteered to coordinate.

Jack announced that the next meeting (December 93) will be the last meeting in the Digital Equipment Corporation building. We all thanked Tom Tobiassen for his longtime DEC sponsorship. EOSS is eagerly looking for a new meeting sponsor, to start with the January 94 meeting.

The October 16 launch hamfest video was shown.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:30 PM.

End of minutes

These are preliminary minutes. Send corrections/comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV

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