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October 12, 1993

Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, October 12, 1993 ========================================================


Digital Equipment Corporation
8085 S. Chester
Englewood, CO

Minutes: Ted Cline.

Jack Crabtree, convened the meeting at 7:30 PM. Board members present were Jack Crabtree, President; Jim Libhart, Vice President; Merle McCaslin, Treasurer; and Ted Cline, Secretary.

Ted Cline read the September membership meeting's minutes. George Riedmuller questioned whether a membership meeting vote was required before scheduling a flight (to allow proper preparation). Jack Crabtree explained the upcoming proposed October 16 flight was an unusual public relations opportunity, a sponsored flight, and of the board's good faith effort made to contact all committees before the consensus decision. The minutes were accepted.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report. The treasurer's report was accepted. This month's highlights:

Balance Forward     $ 1,753.30 (as of Sep 14, 1993)
Total after Income    1,948.30
Total Expenses      -   121.20
Balance             $ 1,827.10 (as of Oct 12, 1993)
Symposium summary (Jan 1, 1993 through Oct 12, 1993):
Total Income    $ 3,402.40 (mostly Symposium registration, proceedings, ads)
Total Expenses  - 2,389.96 (mostly Holiday Inn, printing, plaques, bad check)
Balance         $ 1,012.44 (as of Oct 12, 1993)

Committee Reports

Jack Crabtree spoke of committee meeting: Changing crystals, computer development, and GPS suggestions.

Jack introduced Bob Schellorn's controller proposal. Bob had brought the completed circuit board to meeting.

Tom Isenberg proposed a launch from the March(?) 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo with Cherry Creek High School and Thunder Ridge Middle School. Membership voted to continue planning. Tom said Air Force Academy had still not responded, and he had cancelled any "Celebration of Youth" participation due to lack of volunteers.

Greg Burnett said Tracking & Recovery team was ready for the October 16 launch.

Paul Ternlund mentioned the October 24 high altitude rocket launch from Hartsell.

Jim Libhart had the Larry Epley presentation papers available ($1.50/set), hoped to have the 30-minute Symposium summary video tape available at next meeting, said photo packs were in progress, and called for photos for QSL card.

Merle McCaslin spoke of University of Wyoming, Laramie, night balloon launch. Bill brown had been present (and he hadn't been home since our symposium!). Merle had bought 2 new balloons, and he described Utah launch: dropped payload in Utah, balloon with a beacon flew on to Kansas (Park City?), and how a large part of the balloon was found on a bull's horns (and how that spooked the rest of the herd).

Old Business

Jack Crabtree described success at LARCfest: pulled in $160 from memberships, handbooks, etc. Discussed printing of more Handbooks, but no action decided. RMRL hamfest coming on October 24.

Ted Cline described research on a Civil Air Patrol beacon: practice frequency is same as Buckley Field, and how Ed Boyer had thought permission unlikely for any launch from within Colorado. Idea was shelved. Ted announced Critter Crunch on October 24.

New Business

Jack Crabtree lead discussion of October 16 flight: public relations exposure, several schools visiting, 1200g balloon, EPROM program change for French Siren upon landing, Jack to prepare Loran-C checklist, still camera is planned, ground station organizing, Tom Isenberg plans for Boy Scouts and students, Greg Burnett announced Friday night net, will have a plane at launch and another plane at landing.

The meeting was adjourned about 8:55 PM.

End of minutes

These are membership-accepted minutes. Send comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV