Balloon Group Minutes

August 10, 1993

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Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, August 10, 1993


Digital Equipment Corporation
8085 S. Chester
Englewood, CO.


Jim Libhart, Ted Cline.

Jack Crabtree convened the meeting at 7:30 PM. Board members present were Jack Crabtree, President; Jim Libhart, Vice President; and Merle McCaslin, Treasurer.

Old Business

Jim Libhart read the July membership meeting's minutes. The minutes were accepted.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report. The membership decided to include the EOSS Handbook as part of the Balloon Symposium's handouts. The treasurer's report was accepted.

Nominations were opened for the position of Secretary and member of the Board of Directors. The only previous nomination was Ted Cline. No additional nominations were made. The membership voted Ted Cline to the position of Secretary and member of the Board of Directors.

Jack Crabtree announced 2 new Symposium Registration levels: $25 Without meals, includes proceedings. $10 Must be full time student, without meals, without proceedings.

Sue Crabtree reminded the membership that the Symposium motel rate was still available. The membership agreed to the release of the reservation of one unneeded Symposium room to reduce costs.

Merle McCaslin reviewed the Symposium registration totals. Nine states were represented.

Jack Crabtree read the Symposium schedule.

Jack Crabtree lead a discussion of the launching of Bill Brown's "optional" balloon cross-band repeater package.

Jack Crabtree described the plans to use the Loveland Repeater Association's trailer for the Symposium ground station.

Greg Burnett described the plans of the Symposium's tracking and recovery team.

Jack Crabtree described the plans for the launching of 2 balloons at the Symposium (EOSS's balloon and Bill Brown's balloon).

Paul Ternlund described the status of the review and the printing of the EOSS Handbook.

New Business

Merle McCaslin offered EOSS video tapes for sale.

Warren Williams described his plans for a Perseid meteor shower party at his house.

George Riedmuller described a new recreation map for possible tracking and recovery use. Jack Crabtree mentioned a $25 map lamination source.

The meeting was adjourned about 9 PM.

End of minutes.

These are membership-accepted minutes. Send comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV