Balloon Group Minutes 05/16/91

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KD0UE - Opens meeting 7:15 pm (as chair)

WD0DGL - Comments

  • On women net controls
    • Next time get anybody. Women are too hard too find.
  • 40 & 10 meter nets were dead.
    • 40 meters
    • Search frustrated by inability to talk to net control. (due to conditions??)

2 meter net

  • Strengthen ability to communicate with t-hunters via 2.
  • Make sure net controls are aware of all nets.

Launch Dates

  • Look more carefully into launch dates.
  • Lots of folks were unavailable for this launch.

Post launch meeting place

  • Prearrange a spot for the recovery teams and anyone else interested to meet and show payload following recovery.
  • Wrap up meeting pre- scheduled
  • Set a definite date for the after the launch meeting.
  • (two previous items could be included in net spiel during flight.)

QSL Cards - do we want a photo QSL again.

Plotting station

  • Plotting station needs help. Phone calls and other interruptions extremely disrupting.

KD0UE - Orders video be played.

------   After Tape   -------

 KD0UE - Proposes next meeting date.


          5/29 - 3 votes

          5/30 - 0 votes

KD0UE - The debrief meeting will be on 5/29 at W6OAL.

KD0UE - Think about next launch date.

  • WB0TUB - Find a sponsor
  • W6OAL - Notes we don't always have to launch a "deluxe" payload.
  • WB0FVV - Redundancy in T-hunt RF from the payload.
  • WB4ETT - ATV should be prime payload always.

KD0UE - EOSS banner shown

KD0UE - W6OAL and KE9S need help at Colo Spngs swap

  • N0KKZ - volunteers

KD0UE - need a general meeting date.

  • 6/13/91 agreed on. Time for meeting 7:30 pm at W6OAL.

KD0UE - Think about sponsors, and logos and bring suggestions to next meeting.

KD0UE - Comments and suggestions for better command system.

  • Possible control computer.
  • Possible rocket launch.

K0YUK - $499.00 in bank.

General comments on DFing.

  • Yagis not optimum for hunt. Circular polarization may be better.
  • K0ELM - predeploy of t-hunters worked well.
  • N0KKZ - predefine launch criteria.
  •  K0ELM - Predeploy of hunters. At lift off they should be at their positions incase a reposition is necessary. Field plotter needs a driver, plotter and radop.

KD0UE - closes meeting at 9:37 pm.

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