Balloon Group Minutes 02/27/91

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Meeting Commenced at 19:00

N0KKZ  Minutes of previous meeting read.

K0YUK  Treasurer's report

  • 22 members (20 paid - 2 honorary) (hon members inducted below)
  • $435.00
  • Roster distributed

AA0P   Received 10 new members at ARA hamfest

KE9S Malcolm donated 2 balloons, battery, parachute

AA0P   moves KE9S made honorary member seconded, unanimously approved.

AA0P   Ken K9QDL (AIR) has arranged for two balloons and helium

AA0P   Moves he be accepted as honorary member seconded, unanimously approved

AA0P   moves founding memberships offered thru 3/15/91 seconded, unanimously approved

AA0P   Met with National Space Society Plans to meet with ARA

AA0P   moves student memberships be made at no cost 


  • KD0UE - Students have full voting memberships
  • Jeremy - Students should pay nominal fee
  • K0ELM - Agrees with Jeremy

AA0P   ammends motion to offer student (highschool and below) Full memberships available for $2.00

Seconded, unanimously approved

AA0P   asks for 5 minutes discussion on Name of group.

W6OAL - offers "Edge of Space Sciences INC."

K0YUK - offers "Balloon Science Projects"

KB0FVY - offers "Colorado Balloon Sciences - (COBBS)"

AA0P - Slogan -- Promoting science and education thru amateur radio and high altitude balloons.

N0KKZ - "Amateur Radio Edge of Space adventures"

AA0P - "Amateur Ascents over the Plains"

Jeremy - "Balloon Platoon"

AA0P   calls for votes of above.

  • Edge of Space Sciences = 11
  • Balloon Science Projects= 1
  • Colorado Balloon Sciences= 3
  • Amateur Radio Edge of Space Adventures= 0
  • Balloon Platoon= 2

A 5 minute break

AA0P   passes out handouts


  • 2 meter transmitter - $120
  • 70 cm transmitter   - $150
  • Video ID board      - $100
  • Timer board         - $ 20
  • payload             - $250
  • beacon              - $100


  • Balloon             - $ 40
  • Battery             - $ 60
  • Parachute           - $ 20
  • Helium              - $ 70
  • Misc                - $ 10

Balloon Project Sponsors


  1. Publicity, Group project
  2. Use of Standard Balloon Equipment
  3. Launch and recovery service
  4. Callsign prom


  • $ 200
  • $ 100 for equipment escrow (payload insurance)

Total flight cost to sponsor -- $300.00

AA0P   wants consideration of partial reimbursement of aeromobile (airborn DF Team) and fox hunters for their costs incurred.

AA0P   wants self-erecting antenna

AA0P   wants 2 transmitters on next payload. Perhaps two 2 meter radios maybe a 2 meter and a 10 meter.

AA0P   wants Voice id on transmitter better to involve students

AA0P   we can buy camera

discussion of proposed next payload ensues

KB0FVY wants officers to be able to make buying decisions

AA0P   we're still small enough to have group decisions

K0YUK  moves group buys B/W camera seconded, unanimously approved

AA0P   calls for discussion of voice synth

  • WA0GEH likes voice bringing in student involvement
  • AA0P   could be configured as simplex repeater
  • K0ELM  could attract sponsors by using their group name onboard

K0YUK  moves to buy voice board seconded, unanimously approved

AA0P   proposes Educational lead and nominates WA0RLC for position

AA0P   proposes strawman balloon organization for next launch

  • Project Lead - organizes other team leaders
  • Balloon Lead - balloon, helium, parachute, string etc.
  • Payload Lead - integrates payload
  • Operations Lead - find sight, coordinate FCC, NWS liason
  • Public Affairs Lead - Nets 40/2 meters, news releases, help with fund raising, arrange for articles for mags.
  • Tracking Lead - Bearing and tracking leads
  • Educational Liason Lead - get together with schools

AA0P   PDR 4 weeks prior to launch

CDR 2 weeks prior to launch

WB4ETT  moves AA0P be Project Lead seconded, all except AA0P in favor

KE9S    moves K0YUK  Balloon lead seconded, unanimously accepted

K0YUK   moves W6OAL payload lead seconded unanimously accepted

KB0FVY  moves KB0GJO be operations lead 
             seconded unanimously accepted

*note: during interim, Ralph discovers he will be moving out of state, therefore unavailable for operations lead.

nominations for Public affairs produce no results.

* note: During interim, WB0TUB accepts position

K0YUK   moves N0KKZ be tracking lead seconded, unanimously accepted

AA0P    moves WA0RLC be education liaison, he is not present but is accepted pending his agreement to job

AA0P    Wants 

  • team leaders meeting on 3/16
  • PDR on 3/27
  • CDR on 4/17

*note: due to major team members absence teamleader meeting postponed to 3/20 and CDR moved to 4/3

AA0P calls on Nate for incorporation report

KD0UE   We need

  • A name, address for group
  • will corp have members or not
  • a plan to distribute assets upon dissolution of group
  • names and addresses of both directors and incorporators.

AA0P    Nate - put together bylaws

ALL - bring any bylaws to next meeting

AA0P    moves vice Chairman is home address of group seconded, unanimously accepted

AI0W will work with nate on incorporation matters

AA0P    asks how many want EOSS hats 16 hats for next meeting

W6OAL   216 cu in of space in spacecraft

Meeting ends 21:00

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