Balloon Group Minutes 02/13/91

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Meeting began at approximately 7:00 pm February 13, 1991

Minutes of previous meeting read by N0KKZ

Treasurer's report K0YUK

  • $230.00 in the bank.
  • 5 paid members.
  • Bank account in Merle's name. $3.50/mo Vectra Bank
  • Tax free id will bring a free checking account

AA0P remarks: looking into tax free status.

Vice Chairman's report KD0UE

  • Called Secretary of State and received incorporation papers
  • Steve Finch AI0W advised Nate on Tax exempt items

KD0UE reports:

  • A contact for Student involvement for our group. Gena Finch Community connection resources for SEMBEX (South East Metro Educational services. contact number 761-1924

AA0P reports:

  • Martin Marietta will match funds for non profit groups. Jack will look into it.

W6OAL + AA0P have made some purchaces.

W6OAL reports:

  • 2 meter beacon (to be placed on 144.340 MHz)
  • Transmitter procured (donated by OAL)
  • OAL assembling
  • 2 watts out
  • ID board 2716 prom

AA0P moves for appreciation of OAL.

Group unanimously indicates so with applause.

AA0P reports:

  • Lots of used ATV equipment soon available locally.
  • AA0P will purchase one of the transmitters and donate it to group.
  • Currently available to group.
    • 2 meter transmitter
    • ATV transmitter
    • Video ID board donated by WB8ELK
    • timer board to switch video (camera to ID board)

Group in the Springs has two balloons and a lithium battery. Jack will look into procurement.

We have one balloon.

Atmospheric Research Associates donates telemetry unit.

AA0P calls for suggestions for a name for the group.

  • KC0TR - Radio Amateur Scientific Group
  • W6OAL - Amateur Radio Edge of Space (adventures)
  • Mary XYL of NN8O - Amateur Radio Balloon Launches
  • NN8O - Edge of Space Investigations, Data communications using Ham Radio
  • N0KKZ - Radio Amateur Balloons in Denver (RABID)
  • N0KKZ - Balloons over Denver Inc (BODI)
  • N0KKZ - High Altitude Balloon Experiments (HABEX)
  • AA0P - Amateur Accents over the Plains (AA0P
  • N0KKZ - Science at the Edge of Space, Amateur Radio Balloon Experiments
  • NN8O - High Altitude Exploration, Science and Amateur Radio
  • AA0P - Amateur Radio at the Edge of Space
  • KD0UE - Science, Space and Amateur Radio
  • ????? - Edge of Space Adventures
  • NN8O  - Education Science and Amateur Radio
  • "Balloon Platoon" suggested by Ray n0eku on packet

AA0P reports:

Giving a talk to the NSS (National Space Society) Title: Bringing space down to the grass roots level.

K0YUK moves Edge of Space adopted. 

  • no second
  • discussion continues

KD0UE moves Edge of Space Adventures inc. be adopted 

  • discussion
  • no second
  • motion withdrawn

AA0P calls for future projects.

  • N0KKZ - Packet Digi with experiments aboard
  • W6OAL - cross band digi
  • K0ELM - repeaters
    • crossband
    • duplex repeater
  • AA0P - crossband
  • AA0P + K0ELM - simplex repeater
    • HT reveives and stores, then repeats
  • W6OAL - liquid phase change
  • W6OAL - Temperature inversion
  • NN8O - gas absorption mass spectrometer

WA0RLC - call on schools for projects

K0ELM - Night time launches

KD0UE: Wants quick easy launch now, involve peripherally but wait till fall for major science design from them

AA0P: Wants telemetry change from 450 to 1200 baud FSK AX.25

WA0RLC: Suggests another ATV experiment to excite and involve students.

AA0P: We're still missing camera. They cost $250.00. May be able to borrow again.

AA0P: Wants telemetry on 2 meters

NN8O: Sample UV levels at upper atmosphere levels. 

AA0P: Propose a duplicate of ATV experiment with minor mods. Invite students for recruiting purposes.

N0LDO: His explorers group may be interested. 

AA0P calls for general thoughts

WA0RLC: Wants a description written up describing group, payload ideas and parameters as prelude to enlist teachers. Wants to limit initial contacts to one area so as to not overwhelm the group with proposals.

N0LDO: Explorers post 599 sponsored by DRL. Inform students they are welcome to participate.

KC0TR: Launch from School grounds to peak interest.

Chuck Smith (no call): Kids like to see balloon video from high altitude.

KD0UE: likes flyer's dual purpose. Doesn't want to enlist too much student support at first. Wants to see steady growth of group.

KC0TR: Wants to involve students on recovery with fox hunters. 

K0ELM: Kids involved in telemetry and plotting and tracking efforts.

????: Coordination a problem. Can we get the schools involved in time for next launch?

AA0P: We need to:

  • target team leaders
  • target launch date
  • spread the word
  • firm up the group's name

AA0P moves launch to take place on May 4, 1991. Rain date May 18, 1991 seconded and unanimously accepted. 

AA0P: Next meeting on 2/27/91

AA0P: Wants to buy battery.

K0ELM: Suggests radios cycle to save battery life. Radios off for 2 minutes then active for 15 to 30 seconds.

meeting closes @ 9:00 pm

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