W5VSI ATV System

The interior of the ATV system contains two cameras, a controller, an ATV transmitter and a power supply.

The "looking up" camera is the white box in the lower left quadrant. The second camera is mounted directly below this camera and is facing down.

The ATV transmitter is the board in the upper right corner of the picture. The power supply is the box with space foil tape in the lower right corner of the picture (several lithium batteries).

In the area surrounding the camera module on the left are the various components that make up the controlling hardware.

ATV interior

Pulling all the components out of their hiding places in the payload container results in the mess shown below. :-)

The camera module to the left.

Directly to the right, in the center of the picture is a small white box with a blue component contained in side it. This is (I believe) a set of switches that select each video source and pass it along to the ATV transmitter.

The board in the center bottom of the picture is the controller. It actuates the relay switches above.

On the right side of the picture, the power supply.

And top center, the ATV transmitter.

Below, the 70 cm little wheel antenna designed and built by Dave Clingerman, W6OAL, with some modification by W5VSI for strengthening.