EOSS Handbook Submission Guidelines

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Submissions to the Handbook should be made after first consulting with the editor. If you find an area of the Handbook you wish to improve upon, contact me FIRST! The idea here is to make sure duplicate efforts are not ongoing.

After I give you the go ahead, and I'll almost always do that barring anyone else currently working on an update to the section you're interested in, you should download the current section you wish to modify. Add to, edit or otherwise improve that section. When you edit a previously available section, add your name to the header of the article as co-author with the previous submitter.

DO NOT bother to format the document in HTML. Submit plain ASCII text files. Each line in the file should have a carriage return and a linefeed (ms-dos ASCII). Articles should be single spaced. First lines of paragraphs should NOT be indented. Paragraphs should be separated by blank lines.

Once you've done all that, spell check and do rudimentary editing on your end and then return it to me.

When I receive your submission, I will forward it on to folks within EOSS with expertise to act as a peer reviewer of your work. Once they sign off on your section, your submission will be added to the Handbook, either replacing the previous section or as a new section entirely.