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NOAA Water Vapor and CU Graduate Student Research Balloon

EOSS-217 Will be a pre-dawn launch to a accomodate a NOAA experiment with a water vapor sensor.  A Certification of Authorization from the FAA has been issued to allow flight prior to sunrise.  A five-mile visibility strobe will be included on the flight string in addition to the usual EOSS beacons. The COA is available for viewing at:

EOSS-218 Will be a  2000g balloon flying an experiment investigating HDTV ground based signal strength for graduate student research from the University of Colorado.  Additionally, it will contain an experiment from the students of Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

Flight Coordinator: 
Tom Londrigan KE7KCK
Event Date: 
Saturday, December 12, 2015 (All day)
Alt Launch Date: 
Sunday, December 13, 2015
Launch Site: 


Balloon Type: 
10 ft.



Preflight Net:

  • 147.225 MHz CRA Repeater (107.2 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night
  • 146.940 MHz (103.5 HZ Tone) RMRL Repeater if the CRA machine is down
  • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz Tone) DRL will serve as a backup frequency

Recovery Operations:

  • 449.450 MHz RMRL (103.5 Hz Tone)
  • 448.225 MHz (141.3 Hz Tone) Testing… PL verified 7/2/14
  • 446.100 MHz Field Simplex
  • 146.550 MHz Backup field simplex

Launch Site Simplex: 146.550 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes