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We'd like to offer this page as a central point for collecting links to information of interest to people involved with high altitude balloon activities. If you have interesting URLs which would benefit others email them to me and I'll add them to our information pages.

For Information about other Balloon Groups see that entry on the EOSS Home Page.

Commercial Balloon Manufacturer Sites

  1. Kaymont Balloon Site
  2. Aerostar - Raven Industries Balloon Site

Parachute Manufacturers

  1. Sphereachutes

General Info Balloon FAQ

A "Party" balloon company, Beautiful Balloonsfor All Occasions,has put together a very nice faq on latex balloons.

Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Balloon Regulations

Here is Part 101 annotated by Mike Manes as it relates to EOSS activities.

Apparently the government likes to completely change their web based interaction from time to time so, as of today (9/24/06)


When everything changes again then I'm sure this one URL:

Will continue to work. Enter "Federal Aviation Regulations" in the search box and you will turn up the new location for this document.

An HTML version - Forwarded by Dave Mullenix from an email by Dave Odekirk

FAA Publications of Interest

Federal Meteorological Handbook #3 - Rawinsonde and Pibal Observations

Amateur Radio Balloon FAQ

by Dave Mullenix

Near Space

by Paul L. Verhage KD4STH

Paul's Book "Near Space" is available online at the parallax website. A fantastic resource.

Nasa Balloons Flights

General Links