The Denver Radio League publishes "The Repeater Rag", a quarterly newsletter, that arrives in the mail just prior to our face to face meetings. It's timed that way to provide a gentle reminder of the meeting and also to announce scheduled speakers or lay out important agenda items.

Eileen Armagost, WD0DGL, is the editor of this publication and she needs your help. It's pretty much impossible to edit a newsletter without some type of content to slash and burn your way through. So, HELP HER OUT and send along articles you think might be of interest to the members of the DRL.

Format Guidelines


Eileen uses Microsoft Word to prepare the newsletter and thus prefers submissions for publication to be in Word format. Plain text should be OK as well. Do NOT send along documents in any format but these two unless you like to get requests for a second submission.

Photos and other Graphics

Photos should be in JPEG (.jpg) format to facilitate manipulation and insertion into Word. Separate photo files should accompany any submissions even if you have embedded them into a Word document. Separate files offer the editor much greater flexibility when it comes time to edit, crop, resize or otherwise make changes to allow for the layout style in the newsletter.

Additional Information

All submissions should be accompanied by the first and last name as well as the amateur radio call sign (if you have one) of person submitting the article so that you may be properly credited.

Articles may be sent to Eileen at her email address: eileen at armagost dot net

If you submit an article from an email address you don't normally use it might be a good idea to include some way to get back in touch with you should an editorial question arise. A phone number, or alternate email address would be good.

Submission Deadlines

Submissions must arrive a minimum of 3 weeks prior to any meetings and while it is often impossible to state the exact date of a meeting (due to scheduling restrictions of the meeting room at Bemis Library) they generally occur sometime in the middle of the month in February, May, August and November. It takes time to layout, edit, duplicate and address, stamp and mail this thing so 3 weeks is cutting it a bit close. Earlier would definitely be better. We are going to attempt to run audio reminders on one or possibly two repeaters several weeks ahead of the submission deadlines. If you hear that and have an idea for an article ... get writing. You will have two or three weeks before the cutoff date strikes.

Should you miss the submission deadline, SUBMIT ANYWAY!! Your article may not make it into the next issue of the newsletter but the one after that will really benefit from an early submission. Newsletter editor's lives are ever so much more pleasant when they have more material than they anticipated for their next publication.

Questions about article submissions may be made to either Eileen or myself. Send me your questions and I'll be forwarding them along to Eileen for an authoritative answer (hint, hint).