Denver Area Net List

Provided as a service to you by the Denver Radio Club!

Daily0630Colorado Weather Net146.940-103.5-
Daily1930Central Colorado Traffic Net145.310-123.0-
Daily2000Northern Colorado Traffic Net145.115-100.0-
Daily2000Southern Colorado Traffic Net146.970-100.0-
Sun0830Statewide ARES Net145.310-123.0-
Sun0830Quarter Century Wireless Assoc145.115-100.0QCWA Northern Colo Chapter 143
Sun0900Colorado Repeater Association147.225+-Swap Linked 224.980-, 145.160-, 145.460-
Sun0930QCWA/Castle Rock Rptr Groupl46.670--QCWA Chapter 58 / CCRG
Sun1000Six-Meter Invitational Net53.050-107.2-
Sun1900APRS Net147.225+-Packet APRS System
Sun1900BARC Jr. Hams Net146.700---
Sun1900Intermountain Repeater Group145.280--Linked with 449.525-
Sun2000District 13 ARES145.490-100.0Denver County, Linked to 448.625-
Sun2000Rocky Mountain Monitoring Net147.225+v-Scanners & Frequencies - Linked See Above CRA
Sun2030! DENVER RADIO CLUB !145.490-100.0Linked to 448.625-
Sun2030Pikes Peak FM Association146.970-100.0-
Mon1900Front Range ARES Net144.220-USB
Mon1930Friends on Two144.220-USB informal, + or - a few kc
Mon2000Colorado QRP Club147.225+--
Mon2000District 11 ARES Net146.760--Boulder County
Mon2000District 27 ARES Net145.430--Adams County
Mon2000Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net144.22-USB
Mon2030Colorado Connection YL Net145.310-123.0-
Mon2030Rocky Mountain Radio League146.940-103.5Swap Linked 449.450-
Tue1900Astronomy Net146.940-103.5-
Tue1900District 14 ARES Net146.970-100.0Elpaso - Teller Counties
Tue19006m Invitational Net53.050-107.2-
Tue1900Mountain Amateur Radio Club146.820-107.2Linked 147.015+, 146.685-, 448.650-
Tue1930Park County Radio Club146.820-107.2Linked 147.015+,146.685- 448,690-
Tue1930Park County Radio Club146.820--Woodland Park Repeater
Tue2000Edge of Space Sciences147.225+-High Altitude Balloons
Tue2000Colorado Special Events Net146.940-103.5-
Wed1900District 22 ARES146.880--Araphoe County
Wed1930Park County Radio Club146.895-100.0Linked to 146.91- (100 Hz)
Wed2000AMSAT147.225+-Amateur Satellites
Wed2000Aurora Repeater Association147.150+-Swap Linked 224.740, 448.850-
Wed2000Colorado YL145.310-123.0-
Wed2100District 10 ARES146.850-100.0Northern Colorado
Thu1930District 23 ARES146.670--Jefferson County
Thu2000Colorado Connection Net145.310-123.0Covers most of Colorado
Thu2000District 24 ARES147.225+-Douglas - Elbert Counties
Thu2030Salvation Army SATERN Net145.490-+100.0Linked to 448.625-
Fri2000Nostalgia Net145.490-100.0Linked to 448.625- Antique Radios, Fall and Winter
Sat2000Colorado YL Inc145.430---

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webmaster note: This list is maintained by the Denver Radio Club, that's right the DRC NOT the DRL. It is copied here with their permission.