Operating Policies on DRL Repeaters

The following is an outline of the general guidelines for use of the DRL repeaters. We recognize not every situation is covered and ask that people use common sense when dealing with an unconventional situation.


  1. Emergency Traffic automatically has the highest priority.
  2. High Priority Traffic should be given increased priority over Nets and regular traffic.
  3. Net Meetings have priority over regular traffic.

Use Guidelines

Emergency communications relating to the safety of life or protection of property take priority over all other communications.

All repeater users are expected to demonstrate consideration for other hams using the repeater. Compliance with FCC rules and regulations is mandatory.

Net control operators should maintain the minimum amount of control over the frequency to ensure proper operation of their net. In other words, encourage normal traffic if it can be accommodated.

Net control operators should defer to stations wishing to make brief calls to other stations allowing them to coordinate alternate frequency use (QSY requests).

Per FCC rules, business communications are not allowed on the DRL repeaters. Since we currently do not have an autopatch we need not address the pizza ordering issues.