Ann Trudeau's Archives

Ann Trudeau, KA0ZFI, former editor of the EOSS Stratosphere Newsletter and editor for the National Balloon Symposium Proceedings called me up on December 1, 2006 and offered to loan me some paperwork and photographs she had stored away in boxes regarding EOSS's early history.

There were over 300 photos from events (mostly flights) between EOSS-003 and EOSS-016, or nearly from EOSS's inception in 1991 to May of 1994. This is a real find.

Most of the photographs are un-credited. Originally, these photos were submitted to Ann for use in the newsletter. So, it was usually a matter of a few weeks between the time the photos were submitted and used in an article. Memory was sufficient to keep straight which pictures belonged to whom. Naturally as time passed these photos just sat in a storage box unattended and so now, 13 years later it is pretty much impossible to determine the photographer.

Therefore, these pictures are named for the flight number or activity and this archive. For instance:


This indicates the photographer is unknown but the photo was in the ka0zfi archives

However, Ann did manage to slap her name on some of the photo envelopes. In that case a photo would be named indicating her as the photographer, for instance:


So, if you see Ann's call without the archive designation it's her photo, otherwise when archive is added it means it came from her basement but we can't give attribution to the original photographer. Sorry about that but the photos were given to EOSS and I believe it is important to publish them even if we can't definitively identify the photogs.

Thanks Ann, it was great fun to go through and view all these "ancient" moments within EOSS.

If you recognize someone in one of these photos that I haven't captioned properly or at all, please let me know so I can fix the error or omission.