Flight Recap for EOSS-184

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Flight Coordinator's Recap

by Chris Krengel, KB0YRZ

Well, 184 flights in the bag with more on the horizon. This flight was a labor of love and adventure as we left the confines of the metro area and ventured into the southern prairies of Colorado and a very rural school district. The day was long, we all put lots of miles on our vehicles and still managed to keep our sense of humor when after all of that, the payload string landed in a tree and power line. We entertained the entire town of Bristol as well as the Lamar power line guys.

The teachers that were there were very interested in what we were offering them in the support of science and very grateful we took the time to provide the experience.

It is my understanding that the ground station had a number people monitoring the telemetry during the flight and that we left the school a "mascot" in the form of "buzz Light-year" floating on the ceiling of the field house. KJ did a great job with the younger kids sending up balloons with cards on them asking the finder to email where they found the card and when back to an email account she created just for the flight.The feed back I got from the Principal/Superintendent was wonderful, he had a great time as he got to help with the launch.

We, or rather Doug Gentges, built an "outreach" payload in record time as well as a beacon that he was building to test on this launch. Marty put together, with the help of several repeater groups, a plan for communications that staggers the mind. Jim came to my rescue when I realized what I didn't know or what to do next.

One of the students asked Aubrey about one of our youngest members and wondered who the he was. Aubrey told him that it was "Parker". He said Parker seemed too young to be doing this. She told him that he was a student just like him and he wasn't too young to do stuff like this. The student was amazed.

Most of the kids have never even been to Denver, so this was something spacial. We have a lot of fun doing these flights, I mean, what is not to like, we get to play with compressed gas, fill up a very large party balloon, use cool electronic gadgets that we think up, drive down roads few people ever see, oh yes and see something drop out of the sky and land giving our hobby a sense of purpose. Sometimes we all look at this stuff as just something to do but, we know the students learn from the experience and we really do change lives, give others a chance to live a dream or just simply give one person the idea they can do something previously unimagined.

In regard the personal part of this flight I want to thank all the people that made it possible.It meant a lot to Aubrey and me. This is the first of, what I hope to be, the start of an outreach to high schools and maybe younger kids too.