Recap of EOSS-128/129

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Full sequence of pictures are available on Flickr.

Photo altitudes determined by timestamp matches to GPS records. They are usually off by up to 15 seconds or so and, the first photo airborne is used as the "lift-off" time so, the altitudes should be considered accurate to within a minute or so of the recorded data. The ascent rate changes during the flight so that could be somewhere between 800 and 1500 feet +-. But for viewing purposes the accuracy should be acceptable.





First Airborne photo




Looking East from @ 13,936 ft ASL -  Rest area on the westbound side (left) of I-70 visible
on the lower left corner of the picture. This rest area is around 3.5 miles
southeast of Deer Trail on I-70.


Looking SE from 22,339 ft. ASL - Agate, CO only discernable by surrounding landmarks.


31,144 ft. ASL


Last photo taken @ 43,587.6 ft. ASL