Recap of EOSS-112

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NOAA AirCore� Atmospheric Sampler

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See our previous flight announcement for additional details about this system.


Photo by Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ

14 lbs of AirCore� planned to fly


Russ Chadwick sent this along:

Here's the impact absorber. It's made of 54 practice golf balls and will be on the bottom of the AirCore coil. The practice golf balls are tied together by 24 lateral loops of nylon string, 4 longitudinal loops and 8 diagonal loops. There will be an additional 24 practice golf balls to protect the sides of the coil. - Russ

note: As evidenced by the photo below, the impact absorber was either discarded or totally revised with some other material.


Photo by Steve Osborne, KC0YA

Final Assembly of the NOAA AirCore� Atmospheric Sampler


The AirCore� hooked up to the sample measurement system


Sample measurement system