Recap of EOSS-112

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Recovery Site

by Chris Krengel, KB0YRZ

Payloads recharging their batteries


Larry Noble, N0NDM, gets into position to attempt a cut down with a seat belt cutter


Larry succeeds but, the payloads caught on the lines above don't release.

Ok, the problem is now how to get the payloads down by flipping AE0SS-11 over the top wire. Solution, tie a single line to the part of the payload support line that is hanging from that side of the wire where Larry (above) just cut away the remaining payloads. Next ...


Attach a weight to that line and heave it over the top wire line. Marty winds up and ...



Releases ...


Oops, not high enough and it passes between the top and lower wires.


Looks like it's time to send the this line back to Mike Manes for disentanglement.


After a few more attempts the line is properly positioned so that the AE0SS-11 payload can be pulled over the wire and release and fall to the ground.


This is a close up from the photo above showing the line crossing the top wire in position to haul the payload up and over. The AE0SS-11 payload is white on top, yellow along the main body and has a blue foam bottom to help reduce g-loading on ground impact. The lower part of the support line descending from the bottom of AE0SS-11 straight down is actually looped over the top wire. The upper part of the support line is attached to the white end of the payload and you can see that the bottle tossing effort has managed to move this line over to the far side of the wire also. So ...


Note that in this picture the white (top) end is pointing to the right. The payload has almost entirely been moved to the far side of the top wire. A few more seconds of pulling and the payload will release and both it and the dangling AirCore will fall into the waiting arms of the recovery guys below it thus ending this drama.