Recap of EOSS-111

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by Benjie Campbell, W0CBH

What a great weekend. We all had a great time.

W5VSI/N0KKZ, W0CBH/KC0SOW, KB0YRZ/KC0UUO, WA0GEH/Sharon, K0SCC/N0LP/KC0RPS, and K5JFD/Eileen made the trip to Hutch this year. note: callsigns identified below

KB0YRZ in the lead followed by W0CBH, WA0GEH and K0SCC eastbound on I-70 in Kansas somewhere.

The seminars were great. Had some very interesting presentations on what other groups are doing with prediction programs, tracking programs, processes and methods, and general bloopers and launches.

Conference attendees just before we get underway.

Bill is planning a westward flight and needs some volunteers to track and try to recover his payload. Indiana to Colorado?????

Zack did a great job with the planning and operation of the event. The hotel was a great place to hold the event. We all ate too much and had a good time.

Friday night dinner at the Anchor Inn (Mexican restaurant).

Saturday's flights were from a great little airport (Lyons-Rice Municipal) and the launches went off without hitches.

(L to R) Taylor University, NearSYS, EOSS, ORB (way back)

We had some interference on 144.34 from somewhere that finally stopped just before our balloon landed. We were all able to see it descend from 1500 feet to the ground. the chute was very visible and the payload landed about a 1/2 mile from the road in a field. Harry and I thought we might have to get out the corn field boots, but no, it was just an ordinary field. Darn, I really wanted to try out my new boots. Oh well, next year.

EOSS-111 Touchdown (L to R) Rob Wright - KC0UUO, Ken Thompson - N0ITL and son ?? Photo by Jim Langsted

We stopped for lunch at a church in a near by town that provided a great lunch with cookies, sloppy joes, a really neat fruit cup, and lots of comradeship. Several of the balloon groups at GPSL attended the lunch.

Church volunteers who wrangled our excellent lunch. Photo by Marty Griffin


A bunch of EOSSians having lunch - photo by Marty Griffin

Home to the hotel then a short nap, and nice dinner at the Lonestar Steakhouse Saturday evening. We left for home Sunday morning in a convoy of four vehicles.

EOSS Precision Driving Team

Marty and Sharon had driven on the Nebraska to visit her sister and they are due home Monday evening.

webmaster note:

Sorry about the blurriness of the image in the Precision driving video but this is still the best clip  I managed to capture. Next time we'll have to choreograph both the precision driving and the photographic pass so the beauty and majesty of this event can be properly captured.

Callsign legend:

  • W5VSI = Mike Manes

  • N0KKZ = Rick von Glahn

  • W0CBH = Benjie Campbell

  • KC0SOW = Marcia DeBell

  • KB0YRZ = Chris Krengel

  • KC0UUO = Rob Wright

  • WA0GEH = Marty Griffin

  • K0SCC = Stephen Meer

  • N0LP = Nick Hanks

  • KC0RPS = Jim Langsted

  • K5JFD = John Dineen