Recap of EOSS-97

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LAUNCH DATE: 30-Jul-2005
LAUNCH TIME:07:49 am MDT (13:49 UTC)
LAUNCH SITE: Deer Trail, CO (directions)

Pre-flight Prediction and Actual Track

Launch Site - Deer Trail
Launch Point: 39.6114� lat.   -104.0426� long.
Grid: X=31.32 Y=53.37
Ascent Rate: 1000 feet per minute
Descent Rate: 950 feet per minute
Altitude: 5205 feet
Predicted Landing Site
Landing Point: 39.6003� lat.  -103.7554� long.
Grid: X=46.6 Y=52.6
Altitude: 4500 feet
Flight Time: 131 Minutes
Bearing: 92.8� True
Range: 15.3 Mi.
Actual Landing Site
Landing Point: 39.7156� lat.  -103.8295� long.
Grid: X=42.6 Y=60.6
Bearing: 57.5� True
Range: 13.417 Mi.
Difference from Predicted to Actual Landing Site
Bearing: 333.7� True
Range: 8.883 Mi.

EOSS Frequencies:

  • APRS
    • 445.975 MHz
      • ID: K0ANI-11
    • 144.340 MHz
      • ID: K0YUK-11
      • APRS Time Slotted to 0:30 every minute

Flight Systems:

Balloon Manufacturer Kaysam
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 3000 cu. ft
Payload 25.5
Free Lift % calculated at fill
Ascent Rate 707.29 Calculated Average
Descent Rate 1200 fpm at 10K altitude during descent
Parachute 10 ft
Peak Altitude 84,515 ft. ASL
Launch Conditions determined at launch


Payload Systems as Reported by customer

EOSS 97      
  Team Name Grams Pounds
  PPCC - RX/TXSat 1500 3.31
  Metro - RoverSat 1855 4.09
  CU - RoverSat 1500 3.31
  CSU Puebo - RoverSat 1850 4.08
  UNC - VideoSat 1150 2.54
Grand Total 7855 17.32


Flight Data:

Spread Sheet

Text Files

  • eoss097_k0yuk-11_findu.txt
  • eoss097_k0ani-11_n0ti.txt - recorded by Bob Schellhorn, N0TI at his QTH. Thankfully we have this log which shows K0ANI-11 seems to be back in good health. However, it appears Kenwood radios are having a hard time decoding packets from this bird while KPC3s sail along noticing nothing particularly strange about the packets. This oddity is under currently under investigation.


The ascent rate on EOSS097 was sufficiently strange to warrant a chart