Recap of EOSS-92

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Recovery Pt. 2

by Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ

Chris Krengel departs into the field in his tracker-mobile with Larry Noble bringing up the rear. Actually, I believe Larry was spotting for the depth of a rut the pickup needed to traverse.


John Dinneen and Marcia DeBell wonder why Chris Krengel has abandoned Larry Noble to walk under his own power.


Marty Griffin with Doug, the land owner, arrive on the scene and prepare to enter the field.


Chris on the horizon, Marty and Doug just getting underway.


Marcia DeBell KC0SOW and Benjie Campbell W0CBH watch me while I take a few pictures.


Romeo struts his stuff.



Photo by Mike Manes

Touchdown coordinates


Photo by Mike Manes

Touchdown site.


Returning with the payloads ... on the road again.