Recap of EOSS-92

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Recovery Pt. 1

by Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ

Flying overhead at 80K feet


Near the touchdown spot descent under parachute


Watching payload parachute flutter in the wind.


Southerlies would occasionally fill the grounded chute, but the system did not move after landing.


Local resident assists EOSS in finding property owner. L to R after property owner -  Shep Shepardson N0NMZ, Ann Foster K0ANN, Randy Reynard NQ0R, Mike Manes W5VSI


Mike Manes W5VSI directs Marty to the land owner who we can see as he harvests hay.


While waiting for the ok to proceed with a recovery, Chris, KB0YRZ, shows how he manages to get to the touchdown spot in short order. 624 mph, hmmm not bad.


L to R - Marcia DeBell KC0SOW, Larry Noble N0NDM and Benjie Campbell W0CBH