Recap of EOSS-92

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On the Road

by Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ


Everyone admires Chris' KB0YRZ ride (again :-)


Sharon Griffin's drug dealer. Seems she can't cross the state of Nebraska without stopping here. Well, it is a good coffee spot.


The town that hosts the "Lasso Espresso" is Gothenburg, NE. Mike Manes just returned from the town of the same name in Sweden.


A fun tourist trap that we were warned away from and managed to skip on the trip there and back. But it's a neat concept.


This "ambulance" got a laugh. We all initially associated it with the motels in back.

However, it really belongs to and is parked in front of Doctor John's Lingerie (and novelties) shop.


Returning Home

Looks like a hot air balloon is about to lift off ...


Well, maybe not.


We drove right by.