EOSS-84 Photos

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by Jim Langsted KC�RPS




Larry Cerney K�ANI


(Noses L to R) Larry Noble [N�NDM], Jim Langsted [KC�RPS],  Ann Foster [K�ANN],Mary-Frances Bartels [KI�DZ], Richard Beggs [K�AEM], Stephen Bartels [KC�EVK], Benjie Campbell [W�CBH], Marcia DeBell [KC�SOW], Jim Zimmerman [K�JLZ], Cec Girz [KC�OLS], Larry Cerney [K�ANI]


Shades of Roswell, aliens among us. Benjie Campbell W�CBH, alien, Richard Beggs K�AEM


Oops, looks like the alien, upon further investigation, was actually Stephen Bartels KC�EVK