Recap of EOSS-79

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Letter to Landowners

June 20, 2004

Barbara Harless

Y.J. Scott

Dear Barbara and Y.J.,

On behalf of Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS), I would like to thank you for allowing our groups to access and recover our balloon payload which landed on your property north of New Raymer, Colorado today. You met two of our finest balloon trackers, Jim Zimmerman and Richard Beggs who were the first folks to contact you. We were all very impressed with your cooperation and willingness to lead folks out 2 miles to the payload over 4-wheel terrain. Additionally, the educators from around the nation were impressed with the friendliness of their new friends from eastern Colorado. You folks are a two-person Chamber of Commerce!

EOSS is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides high altitude balloon transportation into near space. This program allows schools, universities and other education groups to conduct experiments at altitudes of 15-19 miles above sea level. We communicate with the payloads via Amateur Radio technology and we provide the students real-time flight data, television pictures and control functions for their experiments. Additional information about our 12 year-old group may be found on our Web site at Results of this specific flight can be found at:

This was our 79th balloon flight and it was an unqualified success. The 4 experiments were conducted by workshop students from the University of Colorado, Montana State University and about 30 other universities from around the country. The workshop participants are teachers who were learning how to conduct experiments in near space and establish these programs at their home universities. Over 40 university educators built, launched and operated diverse scientific experiments at the edge of space. Results of these experiments will be used by agencies such as N.A.S.A., Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), and N.O.A.A for future excursions into space. The balloon that landed on your ranch (EOSS 79B) traveled from Windsor, Colorado to your property. It reached an altitude of approximately 85,538 feet above sea level � about 16 miles up.

Through this event, we may have sparked a new avenue to teach science for these educators. Enclosed are some photos of the event. Again, thank you for your taking time out of your busy day and for your generous hospitality.

Best Regards,

Marty Griffin
Edge of Space Sciences, Inc.