Photos by N�KKZ

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Recovery Site

Here are some photos of the recovery site for KC�JHQ's payloads.

T&R teams arrive on scene


Bill Brown, WB8ELK


Man eating buffalo


Trackers await permission to invade the buffalo grazing grounds.


Marty Griffin, WA�GEH, tracking and recovery coordinator


L to R, Bill Brown and Nick Hanks, N�LP


Paul Verhage, KB4STH


Trek out into the recovery area


Hunters have to walk approximately a half mile to payload debris field


Returning with payloads and balloon shards


Here we're deciding if it's wise to release the tracking team from the field. The property owner decided they would probably not enhance the quality of the buffalo, should they ingest these guys and so, he released them.


Left to Right and not complete. Some folks left early.
Email me the names of those I missed in the above picture.

Carla, Ann Foster [K�ANN], Benjie Campbell [W�CBH], Nick Hanks [N�LP], Dan Meyer [N�PUF], Marty Griffin [WA�GEH], Jim Zimmerman [K�JLZ], ?, Linda, Bill Brown [WB8ELK], Chris Krengel [KB�YRZ], Idaho Attendee, ?, Russ Lawrence [KA�ULN], John Knapp [KD7HGS], Larry Cerney [K�ANI], ?

Send me the names to fill in the blanks (?) and corrections too