W5VSI recap

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Thanks and congratulations on all who had a hand in making EOSS-60 one of the most nearly perfect flights in the EOSS resume'! Here are some highlights:

  • Some 60-70 Boy and Girl Scouts on hand to witness and participate in the flight and recovery.
  • Successful relay of forecast files via 80m pactor, thanks to K0TER and N0ERG.
  • Launch within 6 minutes of schedule with a 100% Girl Scout team of payload handlers.
  • Excellent ATV images from launch down nearly to touchdown.
  • Flawless maiden flight of a 2.6W xcvr in the APRS module.
  • Crossband repeater QSOs out to Garden City KS and Douglas WY, thanks to the NCS team of Russ and Dana.
  • Balloon-to-balloon packet contact from N7QAM and W5VSI-1 thru BALNOD on EOSS-60 to BALLOO node on ES-OS-5, albeit the latter still on the deck. (EBBE remains tantalizingly elusive!)
  • SSTV image transmission from the KB0UBZ/N0NDM tracking team to the EOSS-60 ground station via the crossband repeater.
  • Helicopter recovery of the payload string from some pretty rough terrain far from the nearest road, thanks to Mark Young and Scott N0LNE.

If I have missed any other highlights, please pass along the information!

Only flaw was loss of APRS beacons in the crossband repeater ("It's always something, isn't it?