EOSS Celebrates 10 Years in the Air


On November 14th, 2000 Edge of Space Sciences held its 10th Anniversary dinner.

Many of the founding members of the group were in attendance. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, others have moved from the area and were unable to make it.

Our presiding president, Merle McCaslin, kicked off the festivities by reading an email he received from Jack Crabtree, AA0P, in which Jack discussed the events leading up to the formation of the group.

Next we ate! Hey, it was a dinner after all.

After our meal, we sat down and watched some of the more historic videos the group has accumulated over the years. Most notably among them was a production showing the Flight of WVN-1 (Western Vision Network) now known in some circles as EOSS-1. A very nostalgic look back at our early days.

Here are a few pictures of the event which was held at the Mission Trujillo restaurant in the south west part of the Denver Metro area.