Metro State University and STEM flightsEOSS-222/223/224 Recap

EOSS 222/223/224 were launched from the Limon launch site at approximately 0830 on May 21st.   See the galleries below for additional information.  

EOSS-222 landing site was at 39.65567 N, 103.03233 W

EOSS-223 landing site was at 39.56435 N, 103.13667 W

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Colorado Space Grant 3fer EOSS-219-220-221 Recap

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Due to difficulties with the primary repeater, the pre-flight net was held on the 146.94  repeater.  See details on tone at the bottom of the page.

Update 4/8/16 1620 :  Payload plans updated with final manifest and weight.

Update 4/6/16:  Grid Locations, Breakfast Info, Tracker List

EOSS-217 NOAA Water Vapor Experiment Recap

EOSS 217 was launched successfully from the Wiggins Rest Stop launch site at approximately 0415 MT.  The NOAA payload was recovered in Nebraska just east of the Enders State Recreational Area, near Imperial, Nebraska.


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EOSS-218 CU Boulder & STEM School Flight

An Additional Link and Pictures Posted Today (2/27/2016)

The FAA Waiver or Authorization

EOSS often flies payloads that require a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to remain in compliance with the rules and regulations of the FAA.

Why Read the Waiver?

The FAA issues this waiver expecting EOSS to comply with the specifications outlined by this document. All individuals involved in flight operations are expected to be aware of the provisions of the waiver and this is EXPLICITLY stated in paragraph six (6) of the "Special Provisions" section of the waiver on page two of the document.

EOSS 215/216 CU Demosats and Gateway to Space Recap

EOSS 215 achieved an altitude of 95,282 ft.  Payloads were  recovered approximately 10 miles southeast of Limon, Colorado.

EOSS 216 achieved an altitude of 95, 263 ft.  Payloads were recovered South of Limon at 39.19633°, -103.70350°.

EOSS 215 Launch video is posted at

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EOSS Training Session

10/3: Changed the Venue from Country Buffet to Golden Corral. Marty
10/3: Modified and tweaked the agenda.Marty

EOSS 213/214 Metro State and Summit Middle School Recap

EOSS 213 acheived a burst altitude of 89,701ft and landed at 39° 01.956, 103° 15.53 

EOSS 214 achieved a burst altitude of 100,352ft and landed at 39° 05.186, 103° 18.722

EOSS 210 NOAA Temperature Profiler


The EOSS210 flight this morning used a new launch technique that was entirely successful on the first try.  We now know that we can launch heavy payloads and subject the flight string components to minimum dynamic stress.


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