April Face to Face Meeting.


Hello all, 

We will meet this Tuesday, March 12th, Virtually.

The meeting will also be on Microsoft Teams environment.  

The URL for the meeting is: https://tinyurl.com/EOSSFACE2FACE

About Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS)

Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) is a Denver, Colorado based non-profit organization that promotes science and education by exploring frontiers in amateur radio and high altitude balloons. Click "Read More" for more information.

Our organization works with educators, offering valuable opportunities to enhance their students' studies of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through real, hands-on experience. We provide FAA coordination, launch, tracking and recovery of the payloads. Each year, our volunteers spend thousands of hours to enable student STEM programs to reach the Edge of Space.

EOSS-355/356 Metro State University Intro2Space & CU-Boulder Gateway to Space

  • 04-02-2024Payload Plans Rev B posted
  • 04-14-2024Payload Plans Rev C posted for EOSS-356 (Heavy & Lite) and EOSS-357 (Lite)

EOSS-357 & 358 Colorado Space Grant Consortium Spring Launch

March 29, 2024. Updated flight plans to new flight numbers 357Lite RevA and 358Lite RevA. Old flight plans removed.


MARCH 30 2024 EOSS Flights 355 and 356 CANCELLED 

Moved to April 27, 2024

EOSS-354 NDIA Flight - Recap

On Sunday, March 17, 2024, one 2000 gram balloon was launched from Deer Trail Colorado carrying student payloads sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA  --  https://ndiarmc.org/ ). 

The payloads consisted  of 250 student experiments inside 3 Payload boxes.  These experiments were from schools in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia and Mississippi.

EOSS-351/352/353 Evergreen HS, Westminster HS, & Golden HS Flight - Recap

On Saturday, December 2, 2023 three 1500g balloons were launched from Deer Trail Colorado, carrying payloads from three Denver area high schools.

EOSS-350 COSGC Fall Launch - Recap

The launch on November 11, 2023 from Deer Trail, Colorado was flight EOSS-350, one 3000g balloon, launch time was 6:57am. There were 24 payloads from COSGC, it was a site to see the balloon go up followed by 24 payloads covered in shiny silver tape reflecting the sun.

EOSS-348/349 MSU - Intro to Space & Littleton Schools EPIC program - Recap

Two 3,000 g balloons were launched from Deer Trail on November 4, 2023.  Both flights landing NorthEast of Kit Carson.

The Deer Trail parking lot was full of cars for the two launches. It was estimated over 100 cars and how many would follow us out to recovery?  It turned out 10 student/parent cars went out with each balloon.  Thank you to both schools for bringing coffee, donuts, juice, and snacks.  A big thank you for making Deer Creek School look spiffy after much eating, gluing, taping, weighing, and stringing  of payloads.

EOSS-347 NDIA Flight - Recap

A single 1500g balloon was launched at 8:07 am MDT on October 21, 2023 from Deer Trail School carrying student expreiments from a variety of schools. The balloon reached a height of approximately 86,000 feet and landed south of Arickaree, Colorado.

Link for EOSS member mileage reimbursement


EOSS-346 Training/Qual Flight - Recap


We conducted cross-training for EOSS member on stringing and powering up flight payloads and filling the balloon for flight.  


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