EOSS-203 Space Grant Community College Launch - Recap

EOSS-203 resulted in the successful flight and recovery of 9 payloads from COSGC community colleges, after reaching an altitude of over 103,000 ft.  The payloads were recovered approximately 7 miles north of Fort Morgan, Colorado at 40º 21.68' N, 103º 47.25' W (based on last received packet of KC0UUO-11).  http://spacegrant.colorado.edu/community-colleges/141-transfer/619-community-college-4

EOSS December 9th Face to Face meeting at

Edge of Space Sciences has been invited back up to Boulder for EOSS night at CU. This is a great evening for EOSS, as we get to hear from some of the students at that have flown with us this year and get updates on programs that were tested on our flights.  

NOAA LASP Flight Recap

EOSS-199 was flown Saturday September 27th from Eaton.  Because of concerns about shock to the fiber optic cable during launch, we used a hand-over-hand launch technique, which is not something we normally do at EOSS.  It did result in a very smooth launch.  Unfortunately, while lowering the fiber there was a failure of some sort that caused the fiber to fracture.  The "fin" was recoverd from a back yard in Eaton with ~30 feet of fiber still attached.  

Welcome to the NEW EOSS.ORG

Welcome to the NEW EOSS.ORG.  As you can see, we are building a new and improved web presence for EOSS.  After 20 years, our webmaster Rick, N0KKZ, has decided to take a step back from running the site.  EOSS owes Rick a tremendous debt, and we really can not express enough our gratitude.

EOSS-198 CU Demosats 2014 Recap


Single 3000 for CU Demosat Program with 6 student payloads


EOSS 200 Flight Celebration

Greetings to All!
EOSS would like to welcome you to join us for a celebration of our 200th flight. The evening banquet will be held November 18, 2014 at the Courtyard by Marriot Cherry Creek, 1475 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO. Festivities will start with a cash bar at 6:30, and will evolve into a buffet banquet. Following the buffet there will be a special entertainment honoring many of our members, customers, educators, and public officials who have provided enormous contributions to the success of EOSS for the past 200 flights and 23 years.

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